buy a voucher

...from a boutique crushed by horrendous drought and fire.

Redeem it yourself or gift it to a local.

We are a group of Sydney Fashion Agents. We are brokenhearted for our fashion boutiques who are suffering through these extraordinary times.

Crippling drought and horrendous fire are forcing them out of business. They need your help - now. No tourist or local trade - these beautiful retailers are bleeding.

Let's help them to help themselves...
We would like you to please buy a voucher (any amount) from drought and fire-affected fashion boutiques. Redeem it yourself or ask the boutique to gift it to a needy local. Imagine gifting a voucher to a woman with nothing left in the tank to buy an outfit of her choice? Saving a business at the same time.

Retailers register your business with us at Send us your photos and tell us your stories - together we have got this #wewillvouchforyou #fashion #spendwiththem #buyfromthebush #emptyesky

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